Nathanael Khoo

Administrative Assistant

Growing up, fiction was all that lived in Nathanael’s head but he had no way to express his ideas and stories. That was until the age of 15, when he was given the chance to learn the art of acting as his first form of expression. From there, graduating with a Diploma in Mass Communication equipped him with even more skills to better convey his stories to the world. Through his experiences studying communication, he also realised the value of stories from the world around him. His ideal to spread stories through his lens was born, stories of his own and others.

Being part of projects like Koo Chia Meng’s “After Noon” and Anthony Chen’s “Wet Season” fired his passions to have tales told in his own way. He also found a sense of satisfaction in being a ‘small cog within a well-oiled machine’, producing works he can be proud of.